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Kruspe Dbl LG
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In all my years in the business I've only seen a couple of Kruspe horns in astounding condition - this is one of them.  It has never had a valve rebuild yet it is sporting a 1.4 compression (Unplated!!) which is amazing.  This beauty is made of unlacquered Gold/Red brass with a fixed bell.  It's all original and there is no evidence of any work ever being done on it - no previous repaired solder joints, no evidence of removed dents (there are a few minor dings here and there). This horn even had the original corks and strings on it when it came to the shop.  
Its been ultrasonically cleaned and has neoprene bumpers.  This horn is a work of art and sounds as good as it plays.  The engraving is as clear and clean as the day it was applied.
Black fixed bell case included.