MB7 (for Geyer and Kruspe styles)

Marcus Bonna

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Marcus Bonna MB7 French Horn Case (Detachable Bell)  This case has been redesigned so that all sizes of horn bodies will fit!!

Marcus Bonna MB7 Detachable Bell Horn Case. This low profile clam-shell design is one of the smallest of all of Marcus' flight cases. This very well thought out design includes room for all of your accessories, mouthpieces, room for one mute, AND, it includes room for your music stand! (not included).  Marcus Bonna cases are completely handmade and unrivaled in regard to strength, compact size and lightweight. A fiberglass shell is combined with a durable and replaceable cordura or leather cover. Backpack straps are included and most cases come with shoulder straps as well. Adjustable pads inside the case allow you to fit the case to your instrument. Marcus Bonna cases fit in most airplane overhead compartments. 
Standard -> 22,5cm x 35cm x 55,5cm – Case for horn, music stand and one mute.

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