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An oldie but always pertinent...

An oldie but always pertinent...

Posted by Ken Pope on Jan 18th 2019

Pope Instrument Repair, Ken Pope shows how to remove French Horn valves while putting up with smart remarks from his son, Ramsay. … read more

Fewer Exhibitors.... Fewer Choices.

Mar 10th 2017

Yesterday a good friend, Rob Cole - of Horn Stuff, informed me that he would no longer be attending workshops as an exhibitor.  Rob has been a mainstay at these shows for decades, and his absence … read more

Hot or Not?

Jan 21st 2017

Recently I reunited another stolen horn with its owner.  That makes 3 in a little under 2 years.  I thought it would be good to share some of the subtle (and not so subtle) things that raise … read more
My First Blog.......

My First Blog.......

Posted by Ken on Nov 20th 2016

Welcome to all my fellow Horn friends, and welcome to those I have yet to meet.  I've met so many of you throughout the years at various horn conferences, concerts, and shop visits.  Hopeful … read more