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Repair Services

As is implicit in the name of our shop, Pope Repair grew to international prominence through the high quality of our expert repairs. From part manufacturing to custom modifications of all types, people fly in or send their horns to us from all over the world. Here is a sampling of some of the more common services we offer and their prices.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

  French Horn   $195

  Trumpet          $95

  Trombone        $85 (for slide only, with full alignment)

  Tuba               $55 per valve


Detachable Bell Conversion     $550

  done the correct way

Leadpipe Installation     $125

Valve Service - Set of Four    $325

   remachining of all bearing surfaces including a cleaning and valve alignment

Complete Valve Rebuilding   $1600

  with plating and cleaning 


All other services/repairs upon request, price tbd.