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Shipping a Horn


Watch this VIDEO to learn how to pack your horn correctly.

Incorrectly packing a horn can result in additional charges if damages occur.

If you plan on returning a horn please pack it is it was shipped to you.


1. Use a Dish Barrel Box sold by UHaul (18x18x28) - do NOT re-use a box without checking with me first.

2. For fixed bell horns ship the horn with the bell facing UP.

3. If a horn is shipped in a case make certain that there is no internal motion in the case.  If there is—add bubble wrap to keep the horn from moving.

4. Never allow the horn (or the case if the horn is being shipped in a case) to come into contact with any part of the box.  The horn should be suspended in packing material.
If shipping the horn without a case, separate the bell, wrap both parts in bubble wrap and suspend the horn in peanuts.

5. Include your information!!

6. Remember that any damage incurred by improper packing will be repaired at the

customer’s expense.  

Best box to use for horn shipping is called a Dish Barrel Box sold by U-Haul