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Paxman was established at the turn of the century by Harry Paxman, but did not start production of horns until 1945, when no more than twelve instruments a year were made.

1950 saw the arrival in England of Richard Merewether, a professional horn player whose career had started with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. As his career in this country progressed, he found himself specialising more and more in the high register of the instrument. He had been working on ideas of horn design for a number of years and had researched areas of physics which he thought to be fundamental to the successful design and manufacture of such instruments. He approached Robert Paxman with these ideas, and persuaded him to build horns in f-alto and F/f-alto.

These instruments were so successful that Merewether and Paxman continued their association and went on to develop a range of over 50 models. They became a unique duo, known to players all over the world as the figureheads of a highly skilled team. Fifty years of research and development have produced the instruments that put Paxman at the forefront of horn manufacture. Instruments that are much sought after by players world-wide.

A tribute to Bob Paxman, who died in July 2011, is on the web site here

Paxman Limited do not take their position as one of the world's leading horn makers lightly, and are constantly making great efforts to maintain their innovative role. Players' comments and opinions are actively sought, and there is continuous research and incorporation of advantageous modifications. Special requests are always undertaken where technically possible.

Timothy Jones

Paxman is now jointly owned by the Paxman family, Timothy Jones - principal horn of the London Symphony Orchestra (photo: Nik Milner) and John Rogers.

Each horn is carefully assembled and meticulously checked after manufacture to ensure that it meets the high standards expected of a Paxman instrument.