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Kruspe Double (LIKE NEW)


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Kruspe Nickel Dbl AA
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This is a unique horn.  It is supposedly the last Kruspe ever made and it sat on a shelf since then.  That being said it is possible it was made by the current Kruspe owner, but I truly can't tell.  The bracings all match older Kruspe horns and the engraving is wonderful.  All that being said - the horn is in spectacular condition and plays as good as it sounds.  It's made of unlacquered Nickel with a detachable leadpipe system, a detachable bell (Schmid ring) and a Schmid hand rest.  The compression is 1.0 (Fabulous).  This is a beautifully made instrument.  Top notch craftsmanship - the soldering, the tube bending - everything is perfect.
Detachable 'holton' style case included.