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Paxman Triple model 70A #2103


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Paxman Triple model 70A #2103 SY
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I like to say that I paid for my house with my Paxman triple horn.  Mine was very similar to this one.  This is a model 70A full triple - made of unlacquered nickel.  It has had some modifications and it has 2 Joy keys installed (along with one standard waterkey).  There is a base for a duckfoot if one wishes to put that in for extra support.  There are many areas on the horn where it was soldered and not polished, but these are all cosmetic.   You won't find a high quality triple horn at this price.  Because of the Joy keys the compression testing machine is not useable.  The reason I loved playing this model so much was that it was perfect for chamber music and for playing shows.  Anywhere where either the audience was nearby and wanted to hear that dark American horn sound, or if a mic was needed (as in a pit orchestra) and a pleasing sound would be desired to be amplified.  
These horns are amazing workhorses and almost every major orchestra worldwide has a Paxman triple in it.

Paxman flat case included if desired.