Paxman Model 20MYDC Double Horn


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The Model 20 has been the mainstay of the Paxman range for many years. It is a completely original design that broke away from the three distinct layouts that have been used for much of the last century.

Central to this design is the Merewether System, whereby the airflow travels in the same direction on both the F and Bb horns, minimising interruption from the turning rotor.

The F and Bb sides of our full double horns are well-matched, and all models feature exclusive tuning slides for each side. Apart from the obvious benefits, the Bb tuning slide allows the player to add an extension with a manually operated A= valve. The mouthpipe main slide also helps to drain the instrument. The thumb valve is easily reversible to stand in either F or Bb.

  • Bore: M-medium (also available: E-Europa L-large A-American (New World))
  • Metal: Y-yellow brass (Also Available: G-gold brass N-nickel silver)
  • Bell Flare:  D-detatchable (Also Available: F-fixed)
  • Lever Action: C-cord (also available: M-Minibal)
  • Rotors: B-brass (Also Available: T-titanium)
  • Pitch: A-442 unless otherwise specified


Since 1996, Paxman have offered titanium rotors as an alternative to the standard brass. This gave a significant weight saving on double horns, but was particularly noticeable on triple horns, where they were fitted as standard. Whilst the use of titanium has been successful and the horns have been much sought after in some markets, the additional cost and complexity of working with it has led to us removing it as an option for all of our horns.

Because of the benefits offered by titanium, we were not prepared to simply stop production without offering an alternative option with similar weight saving advantages, so over the past two years we have developed the new ‘compact’ section, which has all the benefits of a regular brass rotor section (being easy to work with, familiar to repair shops etc) whilst being a similar weight to a titanium section. In developing the ‘compact’ section, there were also a number of other benefits that became apparent during testing.

The principal feature of the section is a rotor diameter reduced by approximately 2mm and a shortening of the slide legs. This not only offers a weight reduction over the regular full size brass section, but the smaller rotors have the added benefit of making a shorter travel of the levers, enabling a faster valve action, rapid articulation and making the instrument feel more precise.

Tonally, the compact section retains the core sound associated with Paxman horns, remaining full, centred and rich.

We now have the first production models available with the new compact sections and will be exhibiting them at any trade shows and exhibitions that we attend. The compact section is available across the range of Paxman professional instruments and will be fitted as standard to all triple horns.

Because the materials are the same as used in the regular section, there is no additional cost associated with the compact section. A compact section will be indicated by a ‘C’ after the serial number.

Demand for these sections is likely to be high, so please contact Paxman for delivery times or to register an interest.