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Paxman Triple model 100M #78414


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Paxman 100M #78414 GL
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Paxman High Bb horns are rare - and the rarest of the bunch are the triple horns F/Bb/Bb.  This is one from 1984 in wonderful condition.  It's all original and has just been cleaned.  The valves have a compression reading of 2.9 across 5 valves.  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass with a fixed bell and a Paxman fixed bell case.  These horns can sing up high like nothing else!  Because of the short length of the high Bb side the partials are quite far apart so that you are assured of not missing those notes that are typically so close together on standard horns and High F triple horns.  This is a professionally owned and maintained instrument with that classic Paxman sound.