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Paxman Model 75L #1513


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Paxman 75L 1513 DW
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This Paxman 75L is a full triple horn that sits in F and has  B-flat and high F thumb keys. The 75 is no longer available as a new horn and is a precursor to the 75.3.

Overall this 75L is in good shape: it's made of lacquered yellow brass and has some scratches mainly across the bell tail but no dents anywhere (excellent cosmetic condition). The valve compression reads at about 5.0, which for a double horn would be really high but since this is a triple horn with 5 valves, the higher compression is not as noticeable in feel or sound. The standard pinky hook is soldered on for left hand comfort, and the duck foot is currently missing but could be replaced. $8500 for a triple horn could make your life a lot easier! (Looking at you, pit orchestra horn players...)