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Paxman Model 25M

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25 M
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The Model 25 incorporates Paxman‰Ûªs unique dual bore system a larger cylindrical bore on the F side opens it out, giving a similar level of resistance to the Bb side.

The F and Bb sides of our full double horns are well-matched, and all models feature exclusive tuning slides for each side. Apart from the obvious benefits, the Bb tuning slide allows the player to add an extension with a manually operated A= valve. The mouthpipe main slide also helps to drain the instrument. The thumb valve is easily reversible to stand in either F or Bb.

Both models are also available, as a custom order, with a fifth valve for hand stopping (models 21 and 26).

These models are all offered in any combination of four bores and three different alloys of brass.

Currently in stock:
1. Yellow brass, detachable bell with Lacquer.

NO case.