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Paxman Full Triple 75.3L #3004T


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Paxman 75.3L 3004T TC
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For those in the market for a quality triple horn, make sure you don't overlook the Paxman brand. The Model 75-3 is the full triple. It has three separate ranks of valve slides, one each for the F-basso, Bb and f-alto horns, which are all independently tunable. They also have different cylindrical bores, combining the dual-bore systems of the Models 25 and 45, thus giving an even resistance across the entire instrument.

This horn is made of lacquered Gold/Red brass and has all original Paxman components. It comes with a leather handguard and has a detachable bell. Despite some scratches on the bell flare and other slides, the horn plays well (especially in the high range on the high F side). Across 5 valves, the compression sits at 4.1 (pretty good). Comes with a Paxman detachable bell case.

For people wanting to sound as glorious as Tim Jones, it helps to start with a Paxman horn.