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Briz 1963AX


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The newest model in the Briz line is the 1963AX.  It's a stunning piece of craftsmanship and it's an homage to Tangpei who influenced the design before his passing.  Built in the same method as the 2000SC horns it features seamed hand hammered tubing on all tapered parts.  The valves are silky smooth and tight as can be (All Briz horns register a perfect 0.1 compression score).
There are obvious influences from the famed Alexander 103 in this horn - but with the usual Briz flair to take it one step further.
It features a satin finish except for the slide tubes, and is made of yellow brass.

Pitch: A=442Hz
Pipe Diameter: 12mm
Valve Port: 310mm/split, Hand Refined and hand fit.
Weight: 2.39kg
Material: Yellow Brass