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The Briz TP is a quantum leap forward for horn designers world wide.  This is the first horn where not only the bell tail is made from a single piece of tubing, but ALL the tuning slides are as well.  This incredibly difficult feat means that there are few soldered joints in the horn - thus fewer obstructions and a far smoother inner diameter.
On top of all this is the hand hammering - and I truly mean Hand hammered.  Most 'hand hammered' bells are done using a mechanical hammer which the technician controls and manipulates the bell underneath.  Briz decided to do this all truly by hand.  Each hammer mark is done, one at a time, with a small peen hammer - resulting in a fabulous sound with amazing overtones AND a distinctive look.  The bell tail and tapered section of the leadpipe is similarly constructed.

The valves - well, they're amongst the best made. Period.  Each horn is checked for compression and fitting and they all measure 0.2 or less.  

The 2019 winner of the XVI International Tchaikowsky competition won on a Briz!  (Here's the LINK

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