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Briz 2000G


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The craftsmanship and design of this horn put it in a class of horns costing twice as much.  This Gold Brass version of the Briz 2000 offers a slightly darker sound than its yellow brass cousin.  It's made with a care rarely seen on horns in this price category.  The 1st branch is one piece from the top ferrule all the way to the change valve - not an easy task to accomplish!
I dare anyone to compare this horn in a blind taste test against any top quality horn available today.


Pitch: A = 442Hz

Bore Size: .468 / optional .470

Bell Size: American Extra Large Bell / European Bell

Bell Flare: Detachable

Lever Actions: Cord / Mini Bar ( Extra)

Rotors: apered nickel silber rotors with precision ground

Metal: Yellow brass with nickel silver slides

Weight: 5lbs 2 oz.

It comes with a flight ready case similar to an MB1 (but not quite as high quality as the MB cases).