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Briz 2000SC


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The Custom Pope-Balu Alliance model Briz 2000SC is the flagship model by this amazing company.  Truly a hand made instrument - all the tapered sections of the horn are made by taking flat sheets of brass, cutting them by hand, wrapping them around a mandrel and brazing the seam together.  This labor intensive method of making a horn insures that the wall thickness of the tubing never varies.  Most horns these days are made by simply drawing a pre-drawn tube over the tapered mandrel - thus thinning the brass as the diameter increases.
The bell on this model is spun to give the horn extra 'weight' for an increased tonal dynamic range.

This horn is made of unlacquered (NO lacquer) yellow brass and features a Lawson style bell ring.  The main tuning slide has the added luxury of tuning 'guides' etched lightly into the slide.

This horn competes directly with horns costing twice as much.  Try this horn before you consider an Engelbert Schmid double, I think you'll be shocked!

Flight case is included.

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    Briz 2000C

    Posted by David Good on Nov 8th 2017

    One of the first things that was apparent to me was the quality and craftsmanship of this horn. Right out of the case, the valves are fast, and compression is the best I’ve encountered. This Briz 2000C is the most comfortable horns I’ve had in my hands, no reaching or uncomfortable positions for anything. The playing characteristics are of a very responsive, open and even sound from the bottom to top. The articulation that can be achieved is amazing. The intonation is solid between F and Bflat sides, very nice transition between the 2 sides. Notes “slot” very well and are stable. This is not a horn I’m going to have to work at getting used to. This horn does not have the darker sound some are used to, it seems brighter to me. The sound characteristics are intentional and Ken can better explain the thought process regarding the taper of the bell section. When I listed all the qualities I wanted in a horn, regardless of price, this 2000C has met and exceeded every one of my expectations. I’ve only been playing on this 2000C for a couple of weeks but I am very confident and excited about this horn. If you are in the market for a horn, you should definitely give it a try.