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There truly is NO other horn on the planet quite like the Briz TP series.  They are feats of design and craftsmanship with ground breaking features.
Every slide is ONE piece - no junctions at the slide legs, allowing for absolutely SMOOTH airflow.
The entire bell tail is also without a ferrule.  One long continues smooth flow from the bell ring to the 4th/change valve.  (This necessitates a LONG mandrel!).
And then there's the stunning look of the hand hammering on the Bell, Bell tail, and the leadpipe - and I do mean HAND hammered.  Each of those tiny hammer marks are painstakingly made by a single person with a tiny hammer.  The hand hammering hardens the brass and creates a much more stunning sonic experience.

Made of unlacquered yellow brass with a Lawson/Alexander compatible ringset these are some of the absolute finest horns available. Period!
There's a reason why a player using a Briz TP model won 1st prize at the Tchaikovsky competition in Germany!


This version is in gold brass.