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Lewis & Duerk LDx5 'Geyer' Wrap Double

Lewis and Durk

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The Model LDx5 Double French Horn was born out of the collaboration of the hands and minds of two master craftsmen, Steve Lewis and Dietmar Duerk. The horn is traditional in design (Geyer Wrap) but the concept behind the construction of the horn is innovative. As with many 'custom' horns the tooling to produce these instruments is made 'in house'. All bending and fitting of parts is achieved with care and accuracy thus reducing the 'stress' often associated with more mass produced instruments. I tend to stock the LDx5 in yellow brass with a detachable bell, though special orders can be fulfilled: ie, lacquer, garland, etc.  As with all the horns I sell, I personally play each one and insure that it is in excellent condition and free of any defects.

Here are the specs: Polished yellow brass, detachable bell, nickel silver lead pipe, independent tuning system, mechanical reversible exchange valve, articulated string linkage, hand lapped slides, water key on lead pipe, adjustable thumb pad, finger hook and flipper

No case included.

Cost: $8995.