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Lewis and Durk LDX5 Anniversary Model

Lewis and Durk

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LDx5 Anniversary
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Building upon the success of the LDX5 'Geyer style' horn, this LDX5 Anniversary Model features new tapers akin to the C. F. Schmidt. This horn plays very similar to those boutique horns that have years long waiting lists. It is made of lacquered yellow brass, features an adjustable finger hook and thumb lever, and has an interchangeable nib system, which makes for a seamless transition between European and American mouthpieces.

The LDx5 was created by the synergetic cooperation of two masters of your subject. Masterly workmanship combined with the best materials and experience of the master craftsmen Steven W. Lewis and Dietmar Dürk result in a fantastic result. The horn has a traditional design, but the concept is innovative. The tools and manufacturing techniques have been developed in-house, assure the quality and serial identity of each horn and support the traditional manual work. The gentle and careful handling of the materials during processing means a minimum of material stress. This results in a horn that sounds free, has a quick response and resonates with an open and clear sound from the first note.