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Lewis & Duerk LDx5 'Boston' Model

Lewis and Durk

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LDx5 Boston
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Over a year ago I had a meeting with Steve Lewis and Dietmar Durk concerning a horn design idea that I had. I've always been intrigued with the early Rauch and Geyer horns. The ones which were all brass. As players we all know the differences that the metals make upon the sound production - thus the birth of the 'Boston' Model LDx5. With different: materials, weight, annealing and other proprietary changes this is quite a different horn than the standard LDx5.

These horns are handmade by Dietmar Durk and Steve Lewis - they're gorgeous. Available with lacquer if desired (let me know in advance). Yellow brass, detachable bell (fixed upon request) - all yellow brass. The pictures are only half the story - play one to discover the full story. Case - not included. Options include Lacquer and Hand Hammered flare. We currently stock them in various configurations, We usually order them with lacquer. Let us know if you want unlacquered.

This model horn is only available through Pope Instrument Repair. It can not be purchased anywhere else.