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Kruspe Brass Double Horn MK


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Kruspe Brass Double Horn MK
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Kruspe horns changed American Horn playing in ways that still reverberate to this very day.  The famed 'horner' model is what the Conn 8D was modeled after.  
This gorgeous Kruspe (aka 8D) wrapped brass double is in stunning condition.  The valves have been rebuilt, a Lawson leadpipe has been installed, and an Alexander flipper (Duck foot) has been added.  The thumb lever has been modified so that it is much more efficient than the old style Kruspe change valve which had the long 'throw'.  There are minor dings here and there - it's made of unlacquered yellow brass.
You'll be amazed at the quick response on this horn.  There is NO rot, There are NO patches, and not a single thin spot on the horn.  Even though it's about 100 years old its got its entire life still ahead of it.
Own an amazing piece of horn history and also an incredible sounding instrument.
NO case is included