Briz 680 FB

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680 FB
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You'll be astounded by the way this $2500 horn has been made AND even more so by how it plays!  This horn single handedly raises the bar for introductory double horns.  It's also available with a detachable bell for only $200 more!
This horn is made of lacquered yellow brass and is the Kruspe wrap, so you know it will have a beautiful dark sound.
The backpack style case is nice and light!

· Key F/Bb


· Bore Size: .468


·  Bell Size: American Style (Kruspe)


·  Bell Flare: Fixed 


· Lever Actions: Cord


· Rotors: Hand-lapped brass rotors


· Pitch: A=442 Hz


· Weight: 5 Ibs 2 oz.