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Schaughency, Steve - Jazztets, Set 2

Phoenix Publications

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Schaughency Jazztets 2
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Jazztets Set #2 focuses on the music of a single musician: Arkady Shilkloper. Throughout his career, Shilkloper continues to be a fascinating musical chameleon, with his musical evolution and development rarely stagnant. One can trace this through his considerable output of solo recordings, collaborative recordings and on the many recordings where he appears as a sideman. Mainstream jazz, music with electronics, Latin-influenced jazz, avant-garde jazz, music for alphorn, various folk-inspired pieces, the music of the rock group Yes,  big band performances, chamber music, solo performances with symphony orchestra and wind orchestra, etc. have all been a part of his repertoire. Arkady's zest for music can be heard every time he performs or improvises on whatever instrument he picks up.

I was first introduced to Arkady and his music in 1994 at the International Horn Society Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri. Within hours of meeting, the two of us were talking about Julius Watkins and out on an adventure searching for the gravesite of the modern jazz pioneer Charlie Parker, in order to pay our respects. From that moment on, I knew I had found someone who shares a similar passion for jazz music and specifically, jazz on the horn. Over the years, we've remained in contact and meet whenever we can coordinate time together within his extensive schedule as an international performing artist. 

I'm truly honored that Arkady has given me access to his original compositions to arrange for horn quartet. In choosing four of his pieces for this collection, I tried to find pieces that are representative of the stylistic traits he is most known for. Arkady has touched and inspired many of us on both a musical and personal level. In a small, modest way, I hope these arrangements will provide hornists further exposure to his joyful, exciting music. Please enjoy and have fun! -Steve Schaughency