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Rauch Double #202 DRM


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Rauch Double #202 DRM
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Ever since Dan Rauch retired his horns have become intensely sought after, and for good reason - they are amazing instruments.  This one has rebuilt rotors which gives it near perfect compression (0.3) and an Alexander Flipper has been added for comfort.  The levers are articulated string linkages which reduces the upward thrust.  This minimizes the wear on the top bearings.  This is one of the rare Rauch horns which hasn't been converted to detachable bell (something that Dan didn't like doing to his horns as he wanted to keep them 'pure').  The leadpipe shows some evidence of repair near the upper sleeve, and there are 2 patches/guards.  One is where the thumb would rub against the inside of the bell tail, and the other is on the inside of the flare.  There are assorted minor dings here and there as to be expected. The horn was well loved and played - your job, should you choose to accept it, is to see why they loved it so much (retired now).  
Brown fixed bell case included.