Triple Horns

Paxman 75.3LG #2995T

Paxman Triple horn model 75.3L; Paxman horn model 75.3
Paxman Horn for sale - triple model 75.3L; used horns by Paxman model 75.3
Price: $9,995.00

You're looking at a professionaly played and maintained triple bore Paxman 75.3L (large bore)!  It's made of lacquered gold brass, and was played professionally in the Rotterdam Philharmonic.  The titanium valves are nice and tight (With a Guppy reading of 1.5!),  An adjustable fingerhook, and a flipper have both been added for comfort as well.   There are very few minor dings, and minor lacquer wear - all in all a great horn at a huge savings.  Oh, and there's an almost new MB8 case included as well!


Paxman 75M 2298 Triple Horn

Paxman Triple Horns for sale  Paxman 75M
Price: $8,000.00

This 75M Paxman triple is of the older design which many find more desirable.  It's in great condition.  These triples are still used in Major Orchestras world wide.  This horn is made of unlacquered yellow brass and sports a medium flare.

Though the compression numbers are 3.5 - they don't tell the story of how well this plays (and that those numbers are 5 valves instead of 4).  Try this horn out!

MB5 case included.

Professionally owned and maintained.

Paxman 80XND - $8500 (w/extra Lawson Flare)

Paxman 80XND - $8500 (w/extra Lawson Flare)
Price: $8,500.00

Unlacquered Nickel Compensating Triple horn, with 2 flares (original, and Lawson Nickel Flare) - Alexander/Lawson rings. This is the desirable 'older' style wrap. The extra large bore gives the high F side of the horn a nice dark sound. Professionally owned and played (principal horn of the MET. for over a decade). Paxman Molded Fixed Bell Case, plus Samsonite suitcase for the body only - both included

Paxman Triple 70AN #128810 - SB

Used Paxman Triple Horn
Used French Horn Paxman Triple
Price: $8,500.00

Paxman Triples are a staple instrument in the professional players realm.  This American bore (AKA 8Dish) has nice tight valves and is all original except for the addition of a flipper and an adjustable fingerhook.  The compression across 5 valves reads 2.0 which is very good.  You'll feel comfortable walking into any gig knowing that the high notes won't be a challenge.  Paxman DB case included

Schmid Triple F/Bb/F Compensating

Schmid Triple Horn Compensating; Schmid French Horns - triple Compensating
Engelbert Schmid French Horns Triple; Schmid French Horns for sale
Price: $10,000.00

This unlacquered Compensating Schmid Triple horn is approximately 9 years old, however, it has fewer than 24 hours of playing on it! (Current owner stopped playing due to an accident).  The valves, of course, are very tight, and being a compensating triple it is lighter than many doubles currently on the market!

Schmid Triple horns are amongst the best that one can purchase.  Try this one out before you buy a new one!

MB1 Case is included.

Schmid Triple F/Bb/F Full

Schmid Triple Horn
Schmid French horns made in Germany
Price: $13,500.00

This Engelbert Schmid triple horn is in fine condition.  This one includes a medium spun bell with an engraved garland, and an Alexander hand strap.  The valves are nice and tight, registering a 1.5 on the compression tester (great score for a horn with 7 valves!).  This triple horn is lacquered with minor dings and some lacquer wear.  NO CASE

Yamaha YHR891 Triple Horn

Used Yamaha Triple Horn model 891
Used Triple yamaha french horn
Price: $7,200.00

This 891 Triple horn by Yamaha is in phenominal condition.  It's reading of a #1  on the compression machine give it a grade A!.  Yamaha triple horns are used professionally in some of the top 5 orchestras.  Try this one and see why.

Here's some more information on this model:

Hand-lapped rotary valves and slides

Rotary valves and slides that have been hand-lapped are airtight and have smooth action.

Articulated key levers

Articulated key levers have responsive motion.

Yamaha YHR892 Customized Triple horn

Yamaha Triple french horn model 892
Used horns for sale by yamaha model 892 Triple
Price: $9,200.00

I'm constantly impressed with the quality and ingenuity of Yamaha instruments.  This 892 Triple horn features a stopping valve and is made of unlacquered yellow brass.  It has been customized by Wes Hatch and was previously owned by the principal horn of the Milwaukee Symphony.  It' has been professionally maintained.  The compression test reads: 1.0 and that's across 6 valves!  (a reading of 8 would be the worst possible).  An Alexander handstrap has been installed for additional comfort.  TRY this horn!

Osmun MB1 (copy) case included.