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Paxman 23 MYDC

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  • - Merewether System
  • - Geyer-style wrap
  • - Available in Medium, Europa and Large sizes
  • - Lacquered or unlacquered
  • - Available in Yellow brass, Gold brass or Nickel Silver (by request) finishes
  • - Mouthpipe guard
  • - Mouthpipe water key
  • - Reversible thumb valve
  • - Nickel silver valve casings
  • - Brass rotors
  • - Cord or Miniball lever action
  • - Fixed or detachable bell
  • - Hand stopping 5th valve available (by request) 
  • - A=442 pitch as standard



The Model 23 was introduced in 1999 and is aimed at the player who is drawn to the Geyer or Knopf style of horn, with its characteristically open layout, immediate response and exceptional clarity in the upper register.

Whilst in many respects the Model 23 does resemble a Geyer-type instrument, maintaining some of its best qualities, it is at the same time distinctly a Paxman horn, adhering to the design ethos that has characterised our range of horns for decades. Like the Model 20 and Model 25, the 23 incorporates the Merewether system which allows the air stream to flow the same way through the valve block on both the F and the Bb horns. As the valve rotors turn in sympathy with the air stream, not against it, so slurs and legato passages are beautifully smooth.

Like all our horns the Model 23 is an extremely versatile instrument, available with the usual choice of four bell tapers and three alloys. It is also available with a fifth valve for hand stopping, the 23st.

The Model 23 is available with all the usual specification options that Paxman offer.