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LDx7 Clevenger

Lewis and Durk

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LDx7 Clevenger
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Acting on wishes expressed by numerous musicians, Steven Lewis and Dietmar Dürk decided to integrate the legendary C. F. Schmidt design into their horn collection. It is distinguished by its bell form and the unique valve cluster comprised of three rotary valves plus a Perinet F/Bb thumb valve. The intensive effort and close collaboration of these two masters in their field brought forth the new LDx7 - which, after some modifications in cooperation with Dale Clevenger, principal horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, became the model LD CLEVENGER. From the very beginning, results have exceeded all expectations. The legendary timbre is combined with improved intonation, excellent response and evenness in all registers. A specially designed trigger is available for added ergonomic comfort.

Special feature: The Model LD CLEVENGER can be converted from Bb/F to F/Bb by simply removing the complete piston valve, turning it 180° and reinserting it.

click HERE to watch an interview with Dale Clevenger about this horn.