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Knopf Compensating Double Horn (no serial#) DD


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Knopf Compensating Double Horn (no serial#) DD
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Compensating horns are like driving a sports car.  They're light and very agile - and when they have tight valves they play just like a full double horn.   Luckily this Herbert Knopf compensating double has a compression reading of 2.1!   The amazing thing about that is that that number is after the air has passed through the valves 2 times (so basically 8 valves!).  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass and has mechanical linkages (which are quiet and do not have much 'play' in them at all).  The high notes are ultra secure (again, due to the tight valves).
There are many areas on the bottom of the horn where dents were removed.  There are no thin spots or patches.  
Wonderful playing horn at a low price.
Protec fixed bell case included