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Knopf Compensating Double #3-80

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Knopf 3-80 JS
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This red brass August Knopf was probably made in March of 1980. It is a compensating double horn with a cut bell and stoping valve, and it has been relacquered recently. As a result, the finish is almost perfect, except around the added pinky hook. Because it is a compensating horn, the compression test passes through each valve twice, so the rating it receives of 5.6 isn't terrible, but certainly isn't ideal. With a valve rebuild, this horn would be a truly incredible instrument. The Bb side of this horn still plays well and projects smoothly. This horn absolutely looks like a work of art and it can be played like it too. If you're looking for a beautiful Bb horn on the lighter side with the option of playing in F, this horn is for you.


Comes with a black flat case.