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King Pelletier (Schmidt) model #853434


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King Schmidt 853434 LB
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The first thing most players do when given a Schmidt style horn to play is they see how secure the High Bb is.  On older horns valve rebuilds can be expensive and loose valves can make certain notes not center well.  This unlacquered yellow brass King schmidt model has such a wonderful High Bb on it that I though something was 'wonderfully wrong'.  I mean that note sang out - it was as easy to high as notes a fourth lower.

Ok, enough about how great the high range is - this horn has not been used much.  There are no thin spots, no patches, no red rot - it has been sitting for a long time and just needs a wonderful player to make music on it.  It comes in the original King case from the 1930's and has a compression reading of 3.4.