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Hoyer Descant #112207 WL


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Hoyer Descant #112207 WL
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Where else can you possibly find a descant horn made by a major workshop with a detachable bell, stopping valve, and good compression?  (2.0 compression over 5 valves!).  This is an earlier model Hoyer descant horn which includes a stopping valve.  Its made of lacquered gold brass which is nice because it adds a bit of darkness to the high F side of the horn.  Key risers have been added as well as a duck's foot and an adjustable fingerhook.  The horn was converted to detachable bell using an Alexander ringset so that you have many options if you ever wish to try other flares.

There are lots of small dings in the bottom of the bell tail and at the base of the leadpipe tuning slide junction - but none of this seems to have an affect on the away this horn plays.  All 5 valves have mechanical linkages which can be adjusted to always remove any play.  Gotta love a descant under 5K, and this one is under 4K!

Older Marcus Bonna MB1 included.