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Finke Descant (with F extension) #19409


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Finke Descant 19409 GN
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Most descant horns tend to have sounds that are too 'trumpet' like and don't match the lower Bb side of the horn.  This Finke descant does not suffer from that malady at all.  It's made of lacquered gold brass (except for the flare which is polished, no lacquer).  The Finke design allows for a nice long leadpipe on the High F side of the horn resulting in better intonation.  This horn also has a built in F extension which can be removed and made into a stopping valve if desired.  This makes it almost like a triple horn in that you can now access all those pedal notes that you can't get from just the Bb side of the horn.  A duckfoot is also installed to ensure comfort.

The compression registers a 2.9 which is across 5 valves so that is quite good.  There are only a couple tiny dings on this horn, and the expected lacquer scratching here and there.

A blue Finke gig bag is included.