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Briz 2000Y #60193 LM


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Briz 2000Y #60193 LM
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In just over 8 years Briz horns went from an unknown to being played by the world's best hornists.  This is because they are phenomenal to play AND because they are made to the standards of horns which cost about double what you pay for.  This is a barely used Briz 2000Y - the model that catapulted Briz to horn fame.  It's made of lacquered yellow brass with a detachable flare (Alexander/Lawson ring).  The compression is PERFECT 0.1 and there are just minor dings in the flare and one or 2 that I could (barely) find in the body.  The horn has just been cleaned and is ready to go.
So - the question is, how much are a few tiny dings worth?
In this case they're worth a LOT.  You're saving almost $500 off the cost of a new horn.  The owner is no longer playing and is motivated to sell quickly.  Their loss = Your gain.
Find out why these are SO highly desired.
Green detachable Briz case included.