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Thevet, Lucien - 60 Etudes

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Thevet 60 Studies
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60 Studies For Horn

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Composer: Lucien Thévet

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“Lucien Thévet (1914-2007), a virtuoso Horn player of his day, provides 60 progressive studies and exercises for the Horn. 60 Studies for Horn is essential to all Horn advanced players seeking to improve their technique on the instrument. Thévet's book focuses on elements including scales, chromaticism, intervals, arpeggios, diligence, articulation, tone, vibrato, dynamics, legato passages, ornamentation and extended techniques, among other musical aspects. Moreover, 60 Studies for Horn also contains exercises in a range of key and time signatures to ensure versatility. Thévet's 60 Studies for Horn is crucial to the progress of any advanced Horn player seeking to improve their entire technique.”