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Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich - Symphonies Nos. 4-6 - Fantasies for Horn Solo, Eß, Christoph (arr.)

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Tchaikovsky Fantasies
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Eß, Christoph (arr.) | Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich
Symphonies Nos. 4-6 - Fantasies for Horn Solo
for horn solo (solo horn)

from the german horn sound series

Fantasias for horn solo
The idea for the fantasies for horn solo came from that
musicians from german hornsound during the time
the exit restrictions due to the
Corona crisis in spring 2020. The inside
a few days stopped game operation of our
Orchestras and all other cultural institutions
and thus the planned chamber music concerts
with german horn sound for an indefinite period
longer time provoked unusual
Mind games in order not to get lost in the aimless swamp of
to sink into doing nothing.
Since the political requirements even try
forbidden in small formations, so only remained
the variant of playing alone. And of course the opportunity to get creative at your desk.
So why not combine the two?
The present volumes with fantasies about
Pieces from the orchestra literature should be an addition
for the many existing studies for
represent horn players. The daily play of
Etudes is elementary for all brass players,
to learn basics and technical blowing parameters
work out. The fantasias are technically demanding pieces because they are part of the
Originally intended by the composer for horn
Games with new elements of others
Unite instruments and groups of instruments.
This creates a kind of orchestral study, which
get to know the pieces even better
allows and outside the box of normal
horn blowing lets look out. out of it
resulting in exercises for musical ones
Styles of individual composers and works, above all
in terms of impact, articulation and tone. So
you can learn independently and automate what you have learned. Ultimately, however, they should
Of course, fantasies of every horn player above all
make fun and joy!