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Stork Mouthpieces - Orval Series


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Stork Orval
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Orval - French Horn Mouthpieces: These mouthpieces are wildly popular throughout Europe and Asia as well as here in the states. They offer a perfect blend of cup depth and shape, along with a very moderate bore size that combine to give this mouthpiece exceptional playability and adaptability. This mouthpiece has its place in major orchestras throughout the world as well as in the hands of solo artists and chamber players. Available in 9 different inner diameter sizes, finding one to fit your needs is easy to do. $69.99.

Specifications Bore: All Orval models have a bore size of .183" or 4.646 mm
Back bore: Medium with a straight taper
Outer and Inner diameter: See chart --> 
Cup shape: Medium deep, very bowl shaped
Rim contour: This is a standard rim shape. The high point is on the inside sloping outwards