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Josef Klier JK Mouthpieces - 'K'-Series "Exclusive" Silver Plated

Josef Klier

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JK-Horn Mouthpieces K Series
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Due to its function the mouthpiece is very important, as it needs to suite for the wind player and must help him fulfil his personal ideas and desires in regard to lip, timbre, sound quality, competence and stamina. The mouthpieces of the comprehensive JK programme help the wind player to achieve the best sound and to meet his individual demands in an easier way. The characteristic sections of a mouthpiece form a functional unit. Even slight changes on a mouthpiece section cause a changed behaviour of the mouthpiece. For the conscious selection of the right mouthpiece, the relationship between the shape and the function of the particular parts must be understood. The basic knowledge is the following:

During the development of the JK mouthpieces, we paid special attention not only to the functional interplay of the particular sections of the mouthpiece but also to the material selection. Only this way, we could achieve the excellent sound and response quality. Thanks to the use of a mouthpiece that is coated with precious metals (silver plated), a change of the surface due to sweat or saliva can be avoided. 

By the help of the K- and M- series the french horn player will be able to achieve different sound ideas with the same cup and rim diameter. The M series is distinguished by a brilliant sound with clear timbre. It is made possible by a more round and flat cup. In contrast, the somewhat deeper cone-shaped cup of the K- series supports a classic dark timbre. Furthermore the rims are more rounded. This way, K- and M- models help to meet the miscellaneous demands of the fremch horn player. All Josef Klier mouthpieces manufactured in several types.

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    This mouthpiece made me love playing again.

    Posted by David Guilfoyle on Jul 12th 2021

    I have thick, fleshy lips. The horn mouthpieces I'd tried before this one felt absurdly small and were difficult to align properly. This mouthpiece fits my physiology much better than standard sizes do, and, in addition, my Kruspe-wrap horn can now take more air due to this robust mouthpiece, and I can produce a very big, dark sound with it. Some may prefer a smaller, more delicate sound, but I love the way this mouthpiece plays. My only issue is that the very, very high range is, of course, slightly difficult and loose, but the power of the low notes and heroic-sounding middle range more than make up for this. I imagine more skilled players wouldn't have this issue. I tried similar mouthpieces by Yamaha and Holton-Farkas and they felt sorely inadequate compared to this one. My only regret is that I didn't invest in the gold-plated variant. This is now my main mouthpiece for the foreseeable future.