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Stork Mouthpieces - C Series


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Stork C Series
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The C Series French Horn Mouthpieces Offer Classic Design With Contemporary Adaptabiltity Options To Provide A Custom Fit For The Player. $59.99.

Diameters - C, CA, CB
Cup Depths - Shallow: CS, CSA, CSB. 
                      Medium: CM, CMA, CMB
                      Deep: C, CA, CB
Rim Options - Standard or Wide
Bores - 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18

DEEP: The C, CA or CB is the deepest cup available. This is a long, deep "V" shaped cup.
MEDIUM: The CM, CMA and CMB have a medium depth cup. This cup tapers in towards the bottom of the cup which conserves the amount of total volume the cup has. It offers greater possibilities for range and endurance while still delivering a full sound.
SHALLOW: The CS, CSA or CSB cups are high efficiency versions of the C Series cups. These cups offer high level performance for upper register playing and enhanced endurance.

The standard rim features a 'reverse angle' contour. This means that the high point of the rim is past the center point of the rim and gradually slopes downwards towards the bite. This is the opposite of most rim contours. The wide rim has the same radius on the inside bite as the standard rim. The high point is simply extended out to add more contact area.