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Stephenson, James - Vast and Curious 1

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Stephenson Vast
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Vast and Curious for French Horn, Tuba and Piano by James Stephenson. $30.00

Note from the Composer:

‰ÛÏVast and Curious‰Û is a result of a international micro-commission including talented musicians who are also wonderful people. I put out an announcement that I‰Ûªd love to write a trio for horn, tuba and piano, and within a very short amount of time, the below list was realized, all of whom supported the project enthusiastically.

The work is in three movements. The title is of course a pun on ‰ÛÏFast and ‰ÛÏFurious‰Û, which also musically inspires the piece. In mine, the ‰ÛÏcurious‰Û part is mostly exemplified in the first movement, where I took on the most unique challenge of scoring the entire thing in unison (with displaced octaves) for all three players. An energetic line worms its way throughout, providing a performance challenge I hope to be both be exhilarating and worthwhile. The ‰ÛÏvast‰Û is represented by the tuba, of course, but also in the 2nd movement I scored with a wide-open sensibility, representing Gail Williams‰Ûª (premiering horn player) love for the mountains. I also desired to provide some space between the outer two frenetic movements. The last movement is mainly a romp to the finish with fun melodies and galloping rhythms.

Publisher: Stephenson Music