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Stephenson, James - Three Impromptus

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Stephenson Impromptus
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3 Impromptus for Solo French Horn (Unaccompanied or with Piano) by James M. Stephenson.

Originally composed for Amy Handelman Premiered (french horn version) at the 1999 International Horn Society Convention, Amy Handelman, soloist.

Impromptus #1 and #3 should be played as quickly as the player’s fingers and chops (and also the accompanist’s) will allow. I wrote them quickly, and that spirit should be carried into the performance. Impromptu #2 does pose a slight dilemma, with the quick mute (or stopped horn) changes. I shall leave these to the player’s discretion. I prefer the muted sound, but if it creates too many pauses in the music, it should then be avoided. If the mute is discarded all together, those sections should be played with an echo effect. - James Stephenson

Publisher - Stephenson Music