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Schmidt (C.F) double (no serial #) DH


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Schmidt (C.F) double (no serial #) DH
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In over 35 years of business I've never seen a C.F. Schmidt in such pristine condition.  This one has been immaculately taken care of (thus the perfect compression of 0.1 - due to the rebuilt rotors).  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass.  The fixed bell is in amazing condition with only small dings here and there and NO thin spots or patches.  The high Bb is solid as a rock.  I suspect that this horn must have been stored away in someone's closet for a long time.  Many orchestras still use these horns when then can find them in good condition like this.  It's ready to go - fixed bell case included.  It has 2 small dents in the 1st branch, and an added Amado waterkey.