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Matosinhos, Ricardo - Fantasia for 2 Horns & Piano

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Matosinhos Fantasia
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Fantasia for Two Horns and Piano was composed for the 2021 Phoenix Music Competition. In 2021, I challenged Phoenix Music Publications to organise a Horn Duo Competition. At a time when half of the world was still under physical distancing and confinement. Accordingly, horn players all over the world were trying to keep in shape and this led to the creation of the Phoenix Music Competition 2021. The winning piece is dedicated to Anthony Parrish and Matt Meadows.

As the name suggests, the fantasia does not follow a strict musical form. Like much of my music, it was born out of a slow-motion improvisation. It begins with a catchy rhythmic note repetition and a heroic theme, gradually becoming more ambiguous and alternating between 3/4 and 6/4 time signatures. Thereafter, the initial theme morphs into different characters before returning to the original idea with extra energy. Fantasia for Two Horns and Piano is the perfect piece to play as part of a split solo recital or to combine with other pieces for two horns and piano.

– Ricardo Matosinhos

Ricardo Matosinhos is a major contemporary composer, clinician and educator for French Horn. Here is an interesting example of his educational presence on YouTube.