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Matosinhos, 'Horn's Pocket Guide'

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Matosinhos Guide
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-The Harmonic Series

-How does the Horn works? 

-The Full Double Horn 

-Harmonic Series on B flat Side of the Horn

-Harmonic Series on F Side of the Horn

-Full Double Horn Fingerings and Intonation Tendencies

-Bb Horn Standard Fingering

-F Horn Standard Fingering

-Full Double Horn Whole Tone Lip Trills Fingerings

-Whole Tone Harmonics

-The right hand on the bell

-Horn Transpositions

-How to Change a Rotary Valve Cord?

It's a Pocket Guide (A6 size) to support the horn practice, between classes, where the teacher is not present for helping.
With greater understanding of the instrument, the horn player can make decisions that will help his technical and interpretative performance.