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Maelstrom Shanks


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We have very few of these left. Please call or email us if you are wanting to know what is available.




We offer our shanks in two external- (American and German) and two internal (standard and vortex) tapers in a wide variety of bore sizes.
Please consult the manufacturer of your horn if you are unsure which external taper your instrument requires.
Provided below is a small chart below that shows how traditional (American) gauge numbers compare to the actual bore diameter in both inch and millimeter.
The vortex, also called a double throat, is a narrow 'V' shaped section directly below the main cup. 
It combines the flexibility and tonal depth of a deeper mouthpiece, while maintaining a strong center and quick response. Given the more open feeling compared to our standard backbore, it may require a bit more support in softer dynamics.


GAUGE    IN            MM

22        0.157        3.988
21        0.159        4.039
20        0.161        4.089
19        0.166        4.216
18        0.1695      4.305
17        0.173        4.394
16        0.177        4.496
15        0.180        4.572
14        0.182        4.623
13        0.185        4.699
12        0.189        4.801
11        0.191        4.851
10        0.1935      4.915
9          0.196        4.978
8          0.199        5.055
7          0.201        5.105
6          0.204        5.182
5          0.2055      5.220
4          0.209        5.309
3          0.213        5.410
2          0.221        5.613
1          0.228        5.791


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  • 5
    Vortex, for smoother slurs and warm tone

    Posted by Doug on Dec 19th 2017

    I bought my Maelstrom mouthpiece originally with a 4.2 shank. Great for high end support. Amazing in fact. But E below middle C and lower were not nearly as easy to produce well. Tried the Vortex 4.4 That does the trick, it slurs better, and allows for high support while giving ease of low note production. Another great product and less than half the cost of a new mouthpiece. Great!

  • 5
    Affordable 3 part system that's hypoallergenic

    Posted by Doug Thomas on Aug 21st 2017

    For years I've played with itching swollen lips from metal allergies. In desperation I commissioned a custom mouthpiece in SS modeled after the C15. Great, but when I needed a second with more high support, the cost was prohibitive. That's when I cam across these mouthpieces. The joining of the shank to cup is flawless, and bores are offered in a large variety of sizes. Does it's job and does it well.