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Maelstrom Horn Cups


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Medium Large Paxman
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NOTE: We have very few left.
Currently we only have:
Giardinelli Alubronze in Small
Giardinelli Brass in Large
Paxman Brass in Large and in Medium Large
Paxman Stainless Steel in Large and in Medium Large
Please contact us before ordering to make certain we have what you want in stock.!!!
We have designed 5 cups in a logical size progression from small/shallow to large/deep.
These carefully thought out shapes, combined with your choice of standard or vortex backbore, will suit a wide variety of physical approaches and playing styles and will point you towards your musical goals!

While our line was designed with stainless steel in mind, we now also offer our cups in Alu-Bronze.
Some players still prefer to play on a traditional brass mouthpiece as opposed to the more modern stainless steel. Our Alu-Bronze cups, even when combined with a regular stainless steel shank, offer a feel and sound virtually indistinguishable from brass. Alu-Bronze however, is an overall superior material that has none of the drawbacks of brass in terms of durability and toxicity.
Available in Giardinelli or Paxman threading.

 Small Cup:
Our small cup design. While quite shallow in depth, it has a pronounced bowl shape to add volume, and keep the sound from becoming thin.
Recommended starting bore size: 4,2mm in our standard backbore or 4,4mm in our vortex backbore. 

Medium Cup
Our medium cup design features a more pronounced upper bowl shape coupled to a medium funnel throat. 
The sound is round, clear and well centered.
Recommended starting bore size: 4,6mm in our standard backbore or 4,8mm in our vortex backbore.

Medium Large Cup
Our medium-large cup design features a funnel shaped cup that is slightly S shaped.
The sound is warm yet vibrant. Recommended starting bore size: 4,8mm in our standard backbore or 5mm in our vortex backbore.

Large Cup
Our large cup design features a deep bowl/funnel hybrid cup. The sound is warm and lush, yet open and clear. 
Particular care was taken in the design of this cup, so that it features all the 'desirable' qualities players look for in a larger cup, while maintaining efficiency.
Recommended starting bore size: 5mm in our standard backbore or 5,2mm in our vortex backbore.

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  • 5
    Maelstrom brass S cup

    Posted by Yoshimasa Kasahara on Apr 25th 2023

    I had performed on Maelstrom stainless steel S cup for 3 years, and recently stopped playing on it. I finally realised that I don't like the sound and feel, as well as pitch issue (flatness) of stainless cups. Now I purchased a brass S cup and it feels totally different. I like the warmth and natural brightness of brass cups much better.

  • 5
    Affordable 3 part system that's hypoallergenic

    Posted by Doug Thomas on Aug 21st 2017

    For years I've played with itching swollen lips from metal allergies. In desperation I commissioned a custom mouthpiece in SS modeled after the C15. Great, but when I needed a second with more high support, the cost was prohibitive. That's when I cam across these mouthpieces. The cup joins the shank flawlessly, and the MS shape is like the Chambers I prefer, but shallower, providing easy access to the high end, but still with enough flexibility to shape the tone and dynamics. Rim join is perfect.