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Laskey European Shank Silver Plated


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SKU: Laskey MP European Shank Silver Plated

Select your mouthpiece size from the pull down menu. European shank tapers are signified by the small letter 'e' at the end of the model number.

French Horn Cups
Our cup selection was determined by what are the most popular sizes being used by players today and what we believe will offer optimum performance. Laskey mouthpieces are available in the following three cup sizes. We have chosen not to offer deeper cups on the shallower mouthpieces as we feel it will not create the proper balance needed. All cup sizes are made with a standard throat size of .182"/("14")/4,62mm.

J - Shallow: is slightly more shallow than our G cup. It offers brilliance but with a bit rounder and sweeter sound. A bit more conic shape than our other cups, yet it has all the brilliance and bite a player may want.

G - Standard: is offered in all sizes. In our tests, this cup provided the best mix of tone and color to virtually every player. While slightly more shallow than many cups we have seen players use, it's performance outshined them all.

F - Medium Deep: is a slightly deeper and more funnel cup than the G. It will still have the precision of attack that the G offers, but with a slightly thicker and rounder sound. A cup like the traditional Farkas Model.

E - Deep: is deep yet with a degree of brilliance that is not usually found in a cup this deep. This is not only ideal for 2nd and 4th horns, but also has enough brilliance to be used on some of the higher horn parts.

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    Laskey 80G

    Posted by Marianne Giesler on Oct 25th 2021

    Best mouthpiece I’ve ever owned. Very stable. Great for the all-around player. My range is pedal D to D above staff. Thanks for your advice Ken, and time. I know you were busy when I called. I play on a Schmid double for those curious

  • 4
    Laskey 825Ge

    Posted by Herb Foster on Oct 29th 2018

    I've been playing on a Laskey 825G for several years. It plays better than any other mouthpiece I've used. I'm in my mid-80's, so I like the larger diameter and the ease of playing of the Laskey 825G. I got the European shank for my Finke Brendan. I downgraded the review because I'm a wet embouchure player, and as delivered the mouthpiece stuck to my lips and was unplayable. However, I found that vigorously polishing it on my hand and applying ChopSaver fixed the problem, and it feels the same as my 825G.

  • 5
    An amazing mouthpiece

    Posted by Todd on Jul 21st 2018

    I have larger lips and needed a bigger mouthpiece so I ordered a 85Fe for my Hans Hoyer 7801. I never imagined it could improve my playing as much as it did. It improved - my tone, particularly in the upper register - my flexibility to jump between large intervals, and - my endurance - it is very comfortable Initially, I did lose some of my upper range but after four days playing on the mouthpiece, it returned even better than before. I can honestly say there's nothing I would look to change with the mouthpiece.

  • 5
    75Ge mouthpiece

    Posted by Gordon Johnson on Mar 6th 2018

    This model was recommended to my by Scott Laskey. I told him I was looking for a mouthpiece for my Alex 103. I have been playing on the 75Ge for a few days now and just love the warm, burnished sound it produces. The rim is comfortable. If you play and Alex 103 you just may want to give the 75Ge a try.

  • 5
    Clean and bright

    Posted by Cary on Jul 26th 2017

    I was torn between getting the 'recommended' G cup and an F, and ultimately went with a 75Fe. The sound's brighter than I would've expected from a medium-deep cup (I'm glad I didn't get the G after all!), but isn't overly so, and articulates cleanly. It's also nicely flexible - large-interval lip slurs feel decidedly smooth. The rim feels a little on the thin side, but I just tested it at a three-hour rehearsal and it held up decently enough, although I'm still working to pitch some of the higher notes (my A in particular still tends to come out slightly out of tune on this new mouthpiece).

  • 5
    Does what I thought it'd do

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 12th 2017

    After switching from a mid-90s 8D to a Jungwirth double, I borrowed half a dozen smaller-bore deeper-cup mouthpieces from a friend to see what matched. A 75F hit the sweet spot -- so I ordered the Euro-shank model because Pope had it in stock at a good price. My review shouldn't sway you one way or the other; try 'em out yourself!