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Finke 'Americus' Triple horn (F/Bb/F) #19601


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Finke Triple 19601 BT
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Johannes Finke has some amazing designs up his sleeve, and his triple horns are a perfect example.  The descant valve is a piston that melds old world technology with current designs.  It harbors back to the Vienna horns and thus it allows for a longer high F tuning slide, and there is not the typical 'bump' when changing to the descant side that most players experience when they activate that valve.  This horn is the Americus model (slightly larger bell) thus the high F side remains nice and truly sounds like a double horn rather than like an alto trombone as many other maker's instruments do.  This one is made of lacquered nickel and is in absolutely excellent condition.  After a LONG time looking I found one tiny ding, and that's it!  Save a few thousand dollars off the cost of a new one.  The compression is 3.1 across 7 valves which is fabulous.
A flat black case is included if desired.