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Finke Americus #20905 EE


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Finke Americus #20905 EE
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I don't think there's a horn player alive who could move their fingers faster than these valves move - they're like greased lightning!  This horn, like all of Johanne's instruments is wonderfully agile and light.  The valves have a shorter throw than most other makers making fast passages almost effortless.  This one is made of lacquered yellow brass with a Finke Ring set.  The compression reading is 2.2 (good).  It has a removable leadpipe assembly so that you can change the playing characteristics of if by quickly exchanging pipes (it comes with 1 pipe).  These horns are so much bang for the buck - they are professional instruments at a mid-range price.   This one has a few tiny dings, and the only negative thing I could say about it is that at some point in time it had extra lacquer sprayed over certain areas (this can be removed).

An Osmun MB7 style case is included.