Conn Vintage 8D (V8D) #0082


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Conn V8D #0082 - BH
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This 'Vintage' 8D (Conn V8D) is serial number 82. To list it as a 'used' horn is almost wrong. Don't get me wrong - it is used - but barely. There's not a dent on it. It's cherry! The Vintage series was created as a throw back to the Elkhart 8Ds of fame. If you're tired of trying out beat up Elkhart models - try this out.

Here are the specs: 

  • Key: F / Bb 
    Bore: .468-inch 
    Bell: 12.25-inch Lightweight, Hand Annealed 
    Bell Type: Fixed or Screw Bell 
    Bell Throat: Large 
    Bell Material: Nickel Silver 
    Leadpipe: Fixed, Hand Annealed 
    Leadpipe Material: Nickel Silver 
    Wrap: Kruspe 
    Linkage: String 
    Features: Lightweight Hand Annealed Bell; Stress-Free Bracing and Assembly; Hand Annealed Leadpipe; Adjustable Levers 
    Case: Yes 
    Mouthpiece: Yes 
    Finish: Nickel Silver

Conn Vintage 8D Series Double Horn
The Conn Vintage 8D Series Double Horn is the newest addition from the C.G. Conn pro shop in Eastlake, Ohio. The Vintage 8D features an .468-inch bore combined with a 12.25-inch large throat lightweight, hand annealed nickel silver bell plus a hand annealed nickel silver leadpipe for an amazingly responsive horn. This horn also features stress-free bracing and assembly for even more resonance. Conn Fixed Bell case included.

Cost: $6200.00